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As a first site, it was fairly extensive, and more recently has been re-done, with new graphics and re-formatting.
Basic site.  Custom graphics, including rollovers. 'File includes' simplify updating navigation and general information site wide.

gayle caruso- artist
features some art gallery pages

Home Inc.
Can't take any credit for the graphics, but re-formatted (most of) the site to give it a much more professional look.

Lorica Art Works
Featuring pop-up windows showing Artists' works and biographies
Minotech Engineering
Style sheets for the home page, some custom graphics and a drop-down menu system.
Also one of our early sites, it is fairly extensive, using server-side includes and tables in SHTML, and using CGI/Perl scripts to run a back end database directory of Club members.  There is a passworded section for members-only to get further member information from the database, and an add/delete/edit section for database management.
Stonewall Realty Professionals
This site includes dynamic pages created by us in PHP using MySQL, and also includes a cgi script from their previous site, which we modified and incorporated in order to minimize costs and not re-invent functionality.  Some custom graphics/flash.

RDL's VeterinarySolutions.com
Owned, designed and maintained by us -- A database driven site.  Uses CGI scripts and PHP scripts, with an extensive MySQL database

Video Educators of New England
Done in frames with a PHP with forms for a nice interface with PayPal® for registration fee payments.




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